Introduction: Of Battleship Hats and Cardboard Robots  

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Well, well well. Here you are, reading the very first entry to this blog. Maybe that's because you know me, and wanted to see what I was up to. Maybe it is because it is very late at night and you mistyped your google search and ended up here. Either way, some explanation may be neccessary. No no, you say, the title says it all. Thingamawidget. I get it. Totally clear.

You know what I say to that? Too bad. I'm going to explain anyway.

This blog is intended to be a chronicle and showcase of the various random projects that I do. They are numerous, they are odd, and sometimes, I think they are rather clever. For instance, I'm fairly certain that I am the only person to have ever designed and built a quick-draw back holster for a folding chair. Some of the projects are silly, like my battleship hat. Some of them are less silly, like the work I did for my Senior Design Project, analyzing the feasibility of a blended wing-body replacement for the Boeing 767 (Although, as my team discovered, you could argue that a blended wing-body commercial airliner is itself a rather silly idea.)

So, in coming months, you'll see here a panopoly of pictures of strange things. You'll probably see pictures of a cardboard K-9. You may well see design drawings for a simple Cryptex, as well as the finished product. Who knows, maybe you'll even see something that qualifies as actually interesting. You can be sure you will see lots of things made with cardboard. And duct tape. You'll probably see duct tape, too.


P.S. Should you find yourself not enjoying this blog, I recommend that you hit yourself over the head several times with Lateral Cranial Impact Enhancer (any heavy, blunt object will do) and then try reading it again. If that does not help, I recommend simply not reading it.

P.P.S. See your doctor before utilizing a Lateral Cranial Impact Enhancer. LCIE is not for everyone, and side effects include headaches, bruising, concussions, and in some rare cases, unconsciousness.